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Lover of Italian food, art, and lifestyle, Maria Loggia founded the Tavola Mia Cooking School in 1999. Specializing in Italian cuisine with an emphasis on regional dishes, the cooking classes teach the basics from the selection of ingredients to the artisanal food preparation methods used throughout the generations. Maria is a purist who believes you can only achieve the best results by using the freshest and most natural ingredients.


This philosophy drove her to write her first cookbook  “At Home with Maria Loggia”. The book was acclaimed by food enthusiasts alike for being a window into Maria’s passion for food, family and life. Maria’s second book offering, “Celebrating with Maria” was released to rave reviews. It offers the reader a peek inside her home, while outlining classic Italian dishes to serve up across the four seasons.


She has routinely appeared on French and English TV cooking and living shows in addition to hosting culinary tours of Italy as well as being a spokes person for various associations including the “Dairy board of Canada”. 


Maria is passionate about nourishing the people she loves. She is inspired by all that surrounds her and is grateful for the privilege of sharing her culinary passions with all the wonderful souls that grace her table.

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